The Mamagreen name reflects the ethos of the furniture brand and its inspiration from nature. It evokes powerful images of the green of Mother Nature. The entire design process of MAMAGREEN is environmentally friendly and its reach has grown organically to stretch across the globe. This is the story of Mamagreen.

From humble beginnings in 2001, with a factory base in Semarang, Indonesia, producing teak furniture for the European market, Vincent Cantaert realised the need for a green furniture brand that promised excellence of design, versatility between residential and commercial use, and vitally, the ability to withstand the outdoor environment. And so MAMAGREEN was launched at the IFFS 2007 show in Singapore.

The brand’s distribution networks grew quickly in Europe, Australia and the USA. And in 2010 a partnership with the German group Zebra, previously a major customer,boosted the physical and financial presence of MAMAGREEN in Europe.

The brand has continued its evolution to a global force in the production of environmentally friendly outdoor furniture. The company ships an impressive 30 containers each month. With B2B showrooms in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Australia and Canada, it’s a truly worldwide brand.

The faces behind the furniture

Vincent Cantaert remains the driving force behind MAMAGREEN. Furniture design is in his blood - both his father and grandfather were masters of the craft. Cantaert gives all of his experience, his expertise from studying art at university and, most of all, his love, to the furniture designs that MAMAGREEN produces.

Cantaert’s leadership is reinforced by Barbara Widiningtias. A gifted Indonesian furniture designer, she has a fascination for experimenting with the different feels various types of wood give to furniture. Widiningtias’s passion for working with wood was sparked by her interior design studies at university and is fundamental to the creation of MAMAGREEN’s unique styles.

Cantaert and Widiningtias are supported by a talented design team whose drive is to create innovative, stylish and comfortable furniture designed in harmony with the environment.

MAMAGREEN and Mother Nature

MAMAGREEN is named for Mother Nature and the company’s creation of world class products without destroying the world in the process. This identity has been the heart of the MAMAGREEN story from the very beginning and always will be.

The team at MAMAGREEN above all believes it has duty to protect the environment:

  • Furniture is created to order. Every single piece. No mass manufacturing, no increased waste, no potentially dangerous byproducts.

  • Nothing is wasted. Unique designs are fashioned from any leftover manufacturing products.

  • This use of leftovers limits the new materials required.

  • Manufacturing processes are environmentally safe.

  • Most of the teak used to create MAMAGREEN furniture is recycled from discarded teak products.

  • All new teak used is from sustainable plantations.

  • For every single tree cut down another is planted.

  • All metals used in MAMAGREEN furniture combine recycled material with new - 70% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Every aspect of the production of MAMAGREEN furniture is eco-friendly.

MAMAGREEN has come a long way since its beginning in 2007 with many highly awarded ranges available across the globe. Here in Victoria, we are delighted to represent the brand. Knowing that it looks so good, is functional, stylish and environmentally friendly, it is a complete pleasure to sell Mamagreen.