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cracked marble grey wall cladding

cracked marble grey wall cladding

2585-b Niebla Grass Green

2585-b Niebla Grass Green

Anduze Tradition Vert

Anduze Tradition Vert
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Quail Egg Pebble Mesh

Quail Egg Pebble Mesh is a large pebble size that adds an element of impact to any surface


  • Speckled greys and browns
  • Natural finish
  • Easy installation
  • Quail Egg Pebble Mesh
  • Tan Pebble Mesh
  • Black Pebble Mesh
  • Ivory Pebble Mesh
  • Green Pebble Mesh
  • River Grey Pebble Mesh
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  • Product: Quail Egg Pebble Mesh

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  • Mesh tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor paving or walling. Also adds for a stylish border.