Poterie de la Madeleine French Garden Pots

Authentic Handmade Pottery from France

Discover the true art of garden pottery through Poterie de la Madeleine. This craftsman pottery combines the skills of traditional pot creation with an originality that comes with generations of experience and design. Whether you desire the classic charm of garden urns and vases, or a clean contemporary planter, Poterie de la Madeleine creates a look to suit any garden. With nine different collections available, you can choose between an endless amount of styles, sizes, and colours.


Their reputation of quality pottery began centuries ago in southern France.  At the foot of the Cevennes, they built their name with the creation of the Anduze garden pot, which was inspired by the intricate Medici style pottery from the Mediterranean. Throughout the years their reputation grew along with their passion for traditional pot making. All pieces proudly bear their coat of arms depicting the Madeleine, and is recognized and respected around the world.

Handmade French Pots

French Handmade Pot

Their designs have evolved to incorporate all classic and modern styles or pottery, but they will always maintain their link to their past. To this day they still create beautifully decorated traditional pots and urns. Only the highest quality of ceramics and finishes are used, and their traditional methods of design have stood the test of time. The craftsmanship has been honed to perfection, and can capture any design style, from antique to contemporary. Add the perfect accent piece to your home and garden.

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