Looking for someone to help you create an incredible outdoor space? These are some of the landscape gardeners, architects, suppliers and more that have our tick of approval.



Kate McWhinney – Wildlife Presenter

Kate has always had a soft spot for wild creatures, but truly became interested in conservation when she discovered the extent of human impacts on wildlife and habitats, as well as the associated current risks of extinction. She finds it very hard to choose just one favourite animal, but she is especially fond of parrots and their unique personalities.


Simon O’Brien – Wildlife Presenter

Simon is fascinated by the uniqueness and evolutionary adaptations of Australia’s amazing wildlife, from our gliding marsupials to our venomous snakes. His interest in wildlife and conservation began the moment he first opened his eyes to the world around him, and an early obsession with dinosaurs eventually led to his obtaining and keeping blue-tongue lizards at the young age of 8. His favourite animal currently is the Green Tree Python, otherwise known as Morelia viridis, because it is only found in a pocket of rainforests in northern Queensland, Indonesia, and West Papua and Papua New Guinea.


Fiona Mikowski – Wildlife Presenter

Fiona feels Australia’s wildlife is special because, due to the country’s diverse ecosystems, these creatures can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Her favourite animal is the gorilla, because they are such calm, gentle, and majestic beings. The first time she ever met and interacted with a gorilla is one that Fiona will never forget.